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Google Play ID Verification
Google Play ID Verification

Learn how to verify your ID in Google Play Developer account.

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After you have invited users to your Google Play Developer account, it's time for the final step. You have to verify your identity in order to be able to create apps.

We'll guide you through some steps on how to do it:

1. Log in to your Gmail account (the one you used to sign in to Google Play Developer).

2. You'll see an email titled Google Payment.

3. After opening it, scroll down and click Verify Now. (If you can't reach the page through the email, try to log into your Google Console account, open All Apps and you'll see Verify Your Identity there.)

4. Now go back to Google Play Console main page, and click Go to Play Console in the upper-right corner.

5. Select your company name, for example, here WasiSoft.

6. You'll see a page appear saying "Welcome to your new Play Console."

7. Hit Next a few times until you reach the Use the New Play Console button and click it.

8. A page titled All Apps will appear. Select Verify ID under Verify your Identity section.

9. Now click the editing icons and start filling out all the information about yourself. Only after that, you can hit Submit.

Note: Make sure your name is spelled in capital letters.

Make sure the corners of your verification card appear clearly in the uploaded picture or else it won't accept it. (A national ID card will do).

Make sure you mention the city where you made the card and not where you currently are.

If you're a foreigner use your residence permit, not your passport (to avoid possible confusion in the future), and follow the above steps.


10. You'll get a message saying Verification in Progress.

11. At this point, you should get an email titled Now you can publish on Google Play.

12. Go back to Google Console.

13. Now, go to the All Apps page.

14. If you refresh the page and scroll down you will see Create App.

You're all done! You can finally create apps on your Google Developer account.

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