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Invite Users to Your Google Play Developer Account
Invite Users to Your Google Play Developer Account

Once you've created your own Google Play developer account for sideloading your branded eCommerce mobile apps, it's time to invite users.

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In order to publish apps to the Google Play market, you must first sign up as a Google Play developer and invite users so that we can create apps for you.

This article will walk you through the steps of how to invite users to your account after you've finished creating it.

1. Once you're logged into your Google Play Developer account, choose Users and permissions from the left sidebar.

2. Click Invite new users on the right corner.

3. Insert in the Email address section and leave the Access expiry box unchecked.

4. Choose Account permission below.

5. Check all the boxes and click Invite Users.

That's it!
As a final step, check out how to Verify your ID, in order to start creating apps.

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