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Set up Google Pay

Link your Google Pay account to your store to receive payments through it.

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Linking your Google Pay account to Local Express allows your customers to make purchases and you to receive payments via Google Pay. In this article, you will learn how to connect your Google Pay account to your stores.

To set up your Google Pay account on Local Express, follow these easy steps:

1. Navigate the Apps from the left sidebar.

2. Open the Payment gateways dropdown and select Google Pay from the list.

3. Click the Install now button to add Google Pay to your apps. If the app is already installed proceed to Settings.

4. Select the store you want to link to your Google Pay account.

Tip: If you have multiple stores, check the Common Settings box so that the settings apply to all of your stores.

6. Insert your Merchant ID and Gateway Merchant ID.

You’re done! Don't forget to Save the changes.

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