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Enable shipping in your store
Enable shipping in your store

Enable shipping and specify the shipping box sizes with Local Express.

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Shipping is the physical moving of goods from one point to another. In order to enable shipping in your store, follow the steps below:

โ€‹1. Navigate to Operation on the left sidebar.

2. Expand the Delivery menu and pick the store for which you want to configure shipping.

3. The delivery information page will appear, scroll down to Delivery Settings, and turn Enable shipping switcher on.

4. Fill in the Approximate shipping Handling time in minutes: how long it typically takes you to collect and pack the product, and click Save.

You enabled the shipping option in your store. Now go further to specify the shipping box sizes.

โ€‹5. Expand the Shipping Packaging menu and choose the store where you set the shipping settings earlier.

6. Click + Add Box.

7. Fill in with the information of the box:

  • Put a Box Name (This name will be visible only to you).

  • Specify the length, Width, and Height of the package, by inch.

  • Define the Reserve (%) of the products, this is the buffer size in your box. E.g. The shippable product is meat, you can use the reserve to add the total size of meat covered with ice.

Note: You can add as many boxes as needed.

8. Once you're done, click Save Boxes.

That's it! Learn more about how to enable shipping for specific products here.

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