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Learn what are banners and add them to your store.

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Banners appear on the top of your online store both web and mobile. They can be seen as an additional design tool, they can also redirect users to specific departments/products or pages. Also, the banner can be slides, here's how it looks like:

In order to add banners, follow the steps below:

1. Log in to your partner account and go to the Design section.

2. Open the dropdown on the top and select the store where you want to add Banners.

3. Click Settings on the left sidebar, and proceed to Banners.

4. Turn Is Active switcher on so that the banner goes live once you save it. Note that you can always hide the banner by turning the switcher off.

5. Insert the Height for web and mobile devices.

Tip: Suggested image sizes for Web version (1800px X 200px), App version is (375px X 200px). Image format: use “jpeg” or for the transparent background use “.png”. Make sure to keep it a bit distant from both sides, the image could be trimmed depending on the devices used.

6. Insert the Display Timeout (in sec), in order to display the duration for each slide, except the first one.

7. Expand Slide #1. Upload the banner's image both for desktop and mobile devices.

8. Now let's insert the Title and Text for your banner. Note that the Title and Text are unique for each slide.

Here's how it looks on the al store:

9. Select the Click action: when customers click the banner, it can:

  • Do nothing.

  • Filter Products: Show particular products.

Products from Department: Using the dropdown, choose a department so that the products within that department are displayed when customers click the banner.
Products from Category: Choose a category and narrow down the products displayed when clicking the banner. Note, that you should first select the department and only then the category.
Store's Tags: Select an existing tag, and all products with this tag will be shown.
Search Filter: Insert the names of specific products within the already selected department/category.

Note: You shouldn't fill out everything, the only mandatory field is the Products from Department.

  • Open Link: Redirect to a specific page you link to.

10. Once you're done, click Publish.

Once the success message appears, go to your online store and check out your newly created banners!

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