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View the Item Sales By Date report
View the Item Sales By Date report

Learn how to view item sales by date report on Local Express.

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This report filters the products bought on specific dates and gives you the result of how many products were sold in each department over a particular period of time. In order to create an item sales by date report, follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to Accounting on the left sidebar.

2. Proceed to Reports and select Item Sales By Date.

3. Fill in the information:

  • Store Name: Select the store where you want to create the report.

  • Departments: Filter the departments you want to view in your report.

  • Date From: Select the starting date of the report filtering.

  • Date to: Select the finishing date of the report filtering.

Note: You can use as many filters as you need for searching.

That's it! Now you can view the item sales by date report. Learn more about reports here.

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