The department sales report gives an overview of each department sales activities made within your store. In order to create a department sales report follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to Accounting on the left sidebar.

2. Proceed to Reports and select Department Sales.

3. Select the Country where your store is located.

4. Fill in the information:

  • Store Name: Select the store where you want to create the report.

  • Date From: Select the starting date of the report filtering.

  • Date to: Select the finishing date of the report filtering.

  • Date Filter Type: Filter if you want to see the Order By Creation Date or By Finishing Date.

Note: You can use as many filters as you need for searching.

5. Filter the categories you want to view in your report and check the mark button.

6. You can Download Report if you need to keep it.

That's it! Your department sales report is downloaded. Learn more about reports here.

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