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Enable shipping for specific products
Enable shipping for specific products

Create shippable products.

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In addition to regular pickup, curbside pickup, delivery, rush delivery, Local Express now offers shipping as a new delivery method. Once you activate shipping at your store go ahead and make specific products shippable.

1. Navigate to Catalog on the left sidebar.

2. Expand the Products menu and choose the store where you need to activate shippable products.

3. Using the catalog search select the product for which you need to set the shipping.

4. Once the product is chosen, scroll down, open the Shipping tab and turn the Shippable product switcher on.

5. Fill out the packaging sizes about the product:

  • Packaging length: How long or short the product is.

  • Packaging width: How wide or narrow the product is.

  • Packaging height: How tall or short the product is.

  • Packaging weight: How many pounds is your product.

6. Make sure to scroll down and Save Product or save it to all stores when you're done.

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