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Add products by Importing your item file

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On Local Express you can add products either manually or from our catalog, you can as well upload a CSV file of your products or integrate with your POS. Here's how to add products by uploading CSV or Excel files.

1. Navigate to Catalog on the left sidebar.

2. Expand the Products menu and choose the store where you'd like to add the new product.

3. Click + Import from Uploaded List.

4. Choose your excel file that is approved by your store implementation specialist.

5. Contact your store implementation specialist for an appropriate import template. After they create templates choose the correct template for your store.
(e.g. Template 1)

6. Set imported products as ''In Stock'' to:

  • No: If the products are out of stock.

  • Yes: If the products are in stock.

  • If price set: If you added prices to the products and you want them to be in stock.

  • If price and image set: If you added prices and images to the products and you want them to be in stock.

7. Set existing products as 'Out of Stock' to:

  • No: if you are importing your weekly sales and you don't want all your items to be out of stock

  • Yes: if you are importing all in-stock items.

8. Click Start.

9. Wait for your matching report. After checking the report, apply the import.

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