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Deliver orders with IOS Driver App
Deliver orders with IOS Driver App

Learn how to accept new orders and deliver them using Local Express's Driver app on iOS devices.

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1. Log in to your account on the Driver App and Activate your profile so you can start receiving orders.

2. Find an order with a List View or Map View.

3. Choose the order you want to deliver and click on it.

4. ACCEPT ORDER that you want to deliver.

5. Click AT THE STORE when you arrive at the store's location.

6. Click PICKUP after you have all the goods ready with you to be delivered.

7. Click ON MY WAY when you are heading to the client's destination.

8. Click I HAVE ARRIVED when you arrive at the client's destination.

9. Take the Client's Signature. If you received the order payment via Cash, check the box, and click APPROVE.

10. Open Camera and take a picture of the delivered order, add notes if necessary, and click APPROVE once you're done.

11. That's it! Your order is successfully delivered.

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