Set up Facebook Auth

Learn how to configure Facebook Auth so that your shoppers can sign in via their Facebook accounts.

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Facebook Auth allows people to create an account in your store quickly and easily without having to set (and likely later forget) a password. Here's what it looks like:

In order to set up Facebook Auth follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to Apps from the left sidebar.

2. Find Facebook Auth among other apps and click Install now. If the app is installed already, click Settings.

3. In order to get the Facebook Log-in working you need to get a valid Client ID and App Secret.

4. In order to find your Facebook Client ID, and Facebook Client Secret you have to go to Click Get Started, accept the terms and conditions and log in.

5. Press Create First App.

6. Choose Build Connected Experiences.

7. Insert the App Display Name, and click Create App.

8. Choose Facebook Login, click Set Up.

9. Choose the Web option.

10. Insert your store link and click Save.

11. Now that your done, click settings and go to basic settings.

  • Copy the App ID and The App Secret. Fill out the empty fields.

  • Paste them in the corresponding fields on your partner account.

12. To activate Facebook Auth, click Facebook Login on the left, go to Settings and insert your store URL + /auth-social/login/facebook and Save Changes.

13. Turn on the In Development switcher and click Update.

Well done! The button should be live and working now!

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