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Customize transactional emails for your customers.

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When your customers sign in to your store, verify their account, make/cancel purchases or perform other actions, they receive a corresponding email. You can customize the emails with your logo, text, store links, etc.

In order to edit email messages follow the steps below:

1. Log in to your partner account and go to the Design section.

2. Open the dropdown on the top and select the store where you'd like to make changes.

3. Click Settings on the left sidebar and proceed to Email.

4. Start with uploading a logo and setting colors for header, header text, and links.

5. Open the dropdown and select the email type you'd like to edit.

6. Now fill out the title, content, and footer.

  • Mail Title is displayed in the header box.

  • Mail Content is basically your message- the text.

  • Mail Footer is displayed at the bottom of the page, links and buttons work well here.

7. Edit as many emails as needed and make sure to Publish the changes.

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