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Change store colors
Change store colors

Make your store appealing to customers by changing its colors.

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In order to change store colors follow the steps below:

1. Log in to your partner account and go to the Design section.

2. Open the dropdown on the top and select the store where you'd like to make changes.

3. Click Settings on the left sidebar and open Colors.

4. Click the color box or insert the needed hex number in the needed field:


  • Main Color: The color of main action buttons, such as Add to cart, Delivery/Pickup, Place order, etc.

  • Link Color: Any link color upon hover.

  • Left Menu Color: Left menu appears when customers enter their user account and this is the background color of their menu.

  • Left Menu Link Color: Any link color in the user account upon hover.

5. Once the colors are set, click Publish and you're done!


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