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Learn how widgets work and add them to your store.

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When customers enter your online store, they see all your products grouped in departments. When you want to display specific products or announce sales - use widgets to group and show products either on top or at the bottom of your store's homepage. Here's what it looks like:

In order to add widgets follow the steps below:

1. Log in to your partner account and go to the Design section.

2. Open the dropdown on the top and select the store where you want to add widgets.

3. Click Settings on the left sidebar.

4. Choose whether you want to add a widget on the top or at the bottom of your store's homepage.

We'll go for the Top slider widget for just an example. The flow for the Bottom slider widget is the same.

5. Widget settings will expand on the left. Start off with a title.

Here's how the title looks on the actual store:

6. Now you'll narrow down the list of products that are displayed within the widget, the order is top-down here, which means you first have to insert the department, then its category, and the rest. Note that it's not mandatory to choose all the fields.

  • Department: Using the dropdown, choose a department so that the products within that department are displayed in the widget.

  • Category: Choose a category and narrow down the products that are displayed in the widget. Note, that you should first select the department to which your category belongs.

  • Store Tag: When adding/editing a product you can assign tags to them (e.g. Featured, Seasonal). Here, select a tag, and all products with this tag will be shown.

  • Search Filter: Insert the names of specific products within the already selected department/category.

7. Check the box to make sure your widget will be visible once it's published.

8. Make sure to click Publish so your widget goes live.

That's it, go to your store and check out the new widget!

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