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See how to upload your POS data into Local Express to keep your inventory updated.

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On Local Express you can upload your POS data to keep your store inventory updated. Follow the steps below to learn the steps and rules of importing.
​1. Navigate to Catalog on the left sidebar.

2. Expand the Imports menu.

3. Select the store where you want to upload your inventory file.

4. Click Add Import Pack button

5. Click Choose File and upload a CSV sheet.

Make sure your CSV contains the following field titles, use the exact format given below:

  • The mandatory fields: UPC, Title, and Price.

  • System also recognizes: sold_by (each/ lb), Brand, Manufacturer, Major (Department), Minor (Category), unit_type (product unit), Description_Note, Ingredients.

6. Using the dropdown menu select the template.

Note: For each store, you manage we create templates based on your importing priorities. If you do not have one, please contact our support via Live Chat or email.

7. Select if the imported products should be marked as In stock upon the upload.

8. Select if the existing products should be marked as Out of stock.

9. Click Start when you're done.

That's it! Now you uploaded your POS data.

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