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POS integration explained
POS integration explained

What is POS and how to integrate with some of the most useful POS apps Local Express?

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Every time customers make a purchase at your store, they're completing a point of sale transaction, so the POS system receives information on your sales and inventory movement. Installing your POS on your Local Express account will enable you to synch transactions of your physical and online stores.

In order to install a POS, follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to Apps from the left sidebar

2. Expand the POS Integration menu and choose All Apps.

3. Find the needed app (Truno, ITRetail, Clover, RDS, NSR, LOC, IBM, etc.) and click Install now. Once you've added the POS, you'll need to assign it to a specific store, set configurations, and start the Initial Synch.

4. Initial Synch is the first import of products from your POS to your Local Express catalog along with product info and pricing.

Once it's done, 2 automatic synchronizations are going to update product info of your store according to your POS data. These are called Regular and Movement Synchs.

  • Regular Sync: works on a daily basis and adds new products (the ones that are flagged for eCommerce) from POS to Local Express.

  • Movement Synch: places items in and out of stock every few hours based on the movement period sales at your store.

Note: The movement synch is configurable and you can always choose to manage your products manually.

Learn more about POS Apps here.

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