Set product volume

Specify your product amount, unit and quantity in a pack.

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Each product in your store has a description and specifications, which include product amount and quantity. That's the product volume and here's how your customers see it:

This image tells us that there are 12 pieces of this product in one pack, each is 12 fl oz.

To set the product volume, follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to Catalog on the left sidebar.

2. Proceed with the Catalog search and select the product you want to configure. A window with product information will expand automatically. Scroll down to review product volume.

3. Insert Value, Unit, and Quantity in Pack if any.

  • Value: a number that defines the amount of your product.

  • Unit: the unit of volume for your product, such as lb, oz, kg, etc.

  • Quantity in Pack: a number that shows how many pieces of this product you sell per pack.

4. When product volume is set, make sure to scroll down and click Save Product.

There you are! Learn more about product management here.

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