Set time window

Configure time window for delivery and pickup orders.

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The time window is the minimum time interval indicating when your customers can pick up their order or have it delivered. When placing an order your customers select the date and time for their order. Here's what they see when finalizing the order.

By default, this interval is set for 1 hour, which means if a customer can't make it at 4 pm, they have to take the 5 pm slot instead. This is configurable, though, here's how you can change the time window.

1. Navigate to the Operation from the left sidebar.

2. Expand the Delivery menu and select the store for which you want to set the time window.

3. Scroll and set Store Delivery Time Window, which is the time gap for delivery orders, and Store Pickup Time Window, which is for pickup orders respectively.

Note that the minimum is 15 and the maximum is 120 minutes.

That's it! Learn what's the soonest time slot your customers can place an order at.

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