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Learn how to control and limit the weight of a product that is to be ordered.

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As a store owner, you get to decide the starting quantity and limit of the products you sell at your store. If the product is sold per pound (lb), you can adjust its weight settings. In order to do so, follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to Catalog on the left sidebar.

2. Proceed to the Catalog search and select the product you wish to configure. A window with product information will expand automatically. Scroll down to review the Weight Settings, here's what you'll see by default.

  • Initial weight: is the number your customers see at first.

  • Weight step: is the number they can add or reduce the product by.

  • Weight minimum: is the lowest number of products you buyers can order.

  • Weight maximum: is the highest number of products you're willing to sell per order.

  • Approximate weight of one piece: is the approximate weight of the product that you're willing to sell.

3. Change the settings as needed. (See this example in point 5)

Note: Make sure that the product unit is set as lb (pound), if it's set each, check this article.

4. Scroll down and click Save Product.

5. Now here's what your customers see when ordering this product.

In the example shown, the first number your customers see when they view the product is 0.5. When they want to add more of this product, it will be increased by 0.25. And if they wish to reduce the number of this product, it will be decreased by 0.25, similarly. The minimum they can order is 0.5 and the maximum is 3. In case your buyers try to add more, a warning message appears saying that 3 is the maximum they can order, and this weight is eventually added to their cart.

Note that your customers can change the product weight

  • when viewing the product,

  • when it is added to the cart,

  • on the checkout page.

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