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Set order collection time
Set order collection time

Specify days and hours when your team can collect orders

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Once a new order is confirmed, your team starts collecting it. You can set time frames for order collection. This will facilitate the working processes in both your physical and online stores.

1. Navigate to Operation on the left sidebar.

2. Expand the Collecting menu and select the store for which you wish to configure order collection.


3. Select the day for which you want to set collecting time. Note that you'll see the days that you previously set in the Open Hours.

4. Click + Add Collecting Time button.

5. Now set the Collecting time for this day and add Collecting Fee if needed. The collecting fee can be set as both a Fixed price in USD or a Percent derived from the customer's order total price.

6. When the collection time block is created, you can use it for other days using the Apply to the button. Select the days that work similarly and click Apply. A success message will notify you that the change has been made.

7. Add as many collection time blocks as needed and click Save Changes once you're done.

Note: You can disable this rule when it's no longer relevant.

Learn more about how to limit the number of orders your team collects at specific hours.

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