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Add a new sale, define its time frame, and apply it to any department, category, or product.

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On Local Express you can offer discounts or announce sales to specific products. To do that you need to create a sale and apply it to the needed products in your store.

In order to create and apply sales follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to Catalog on the left sidebar.

2. Expand the Sales menu and select the store where you'd like to add a new sale.

3. Click the Add Sale button.

4. Give your sale a title, and it will be only visible to you, your customers won't be able to see it.

5. Specify the time range or your sale. Click the calendar textbox, select the starting and ending dates, and click Apply. (You can also not activate the starting date and the ending date and the date will be unlimited)

Note: Once this is chosen, you can also edit sale hours.

6. You can also activate the sale to work with a coupon code, which means that customers who have coupons can take advantage of this sale. For that, check the Activate With Coupon box and select the coupon which will activate the sale.

Tip: Learn how to create coupons here.

7. There are 5 types of sales, choose the one you want to apply to your store and click Save.

  • Percent: Percentage discount is given to a product as an amount per hundred.

  • One Free: This promotion is used to offer customers extra value and may encourage them to buy more or to choose one product over another. For example, buy one get one free.

  • Quantity: Quantity sale is useful for situations where you always sell more than one item and you want to offer more products at cheaper prices. For example, one chocolate bar is $3 and you sell 2 for $5, instead of $6.

  • Fixed Discount: A Fixed discount reduces the total price of one or more items. To illustrate, the milk is $3, you put the fixed discount sale on it with $1 and the resulting price will be $3 - $1 = $2.

  • Mixed One Free: It is very similar to the one free sale promotion, the only difference is that you can apply the mixed one free sale on many products at the same time, and offer your customers any product from that sales for free.

Now that you know what sales there are, learn how to apply sales to your products.


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