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Catalog Search explained
Catalog Search explained

Understand how the catalog search works and see the filters you may apply to find a specific product.

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In order to find a specific product, you'll use the advanced search in the main catalog or that of a particular store.

1. Navigate to Catalog on the left sidebar.

2. Using the suggested filters, find the needed product. Note that you can apply one filter or use several simultaneously. The filters are as follows:

Store: See what products are available in a specific store.
Department: When a store is chosen select the department where the product is located.
Category: Specify the product category, once the department is selected.
Status: Choose if you wish to see the in stock or out of stock products.
Image: Filter products with or without images.
Barcode: Insert the bar code of the product you wish to find.
Product name: Find the product by its name or a word it contains.
Manufacturer: Specify the manufacturer of the desired product.
Brand: Search products of a specific brand.

Now when the product is found, you can:

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