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Use modification items for specific products
Use modification items for specific products

Learn how to use modification items, suggest add-ons to such products as in-store prepared meals, restaurant food, hot dishes, etc.

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In addition to the common store products, you may as well sell in-store/restaurant prepared meals, hot dishes, etc. In this case, you're going to work with product modification items, meaning you will create, edit, set prices for product additives. In this article, we'll guide you through linking modification items to particular products in your catalog.

1. Navigate to the Catalog on the left sidebar.

2. Using the search bar find the product you want to add modifications to. In the example shown we've used the Product Name.

3. Click the product's name. A new window with product information will expand automatically.

4. Scroll down and turn the Customizable Options and click Add new group button.

5. Insert a title as a Group name. In the example below, the group name is Sauce. This means we'll later add different sauces as Group items our customers can choose from.

6. Using the dropdown menu specify the Item Choice. You have 4 options here:

  • Single required: The customer has to select one of the suggested options to proceed to checkout.

  • Single optional: The customer may or may not select one of the suggested options.

  • Multiple required: The customer has to select at least one of the suggested options to proceed to checkout and may add as many add-ons as they like.

  • Multiple optional: The customer may select any, all, or none of the suggestions in this group.

7. Click Add new item and choose a modification item from the list.

Note: In case the item you're searching for is not on the list, click the link and create the needed item on the spot.

8. When all items are grouped, check the Additional price and availability In stock. This information will be derived from the catalog, but you can always edit it here.

9. Make sure to Save Product once you're done.

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