Edit product modification item

Change the name, price, or image of the product modification item, specify if it's in or out of stock.

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From time to time you may need to change the details of both your products and modification items. Here's how you can edit the details of the product modification item.

1. Navigate to the Catalog on the left sidebar.

2. Expand the Product Modification Items menu and select the store where your item is located.

3. Find the product you want to change and click the editing icon.

4. A window with item information will expand automatically. Review it and make changes where necessary.

  • Title: The name of your modification item.

  • Description: Short explanation of what the item represents and the ingredients it contains.

  • Store: To which of your stores this modification item belongs.

  • $: Put a price in USD, so that when the customer selects this modification item the total price of the product changes. You may put 0 as well if you don't want to charge your customers for this additive.

  • Is in stock: If the product is out of stock now disable this button, so that the item is not visible to your customers upon their purchase.

  • Main Images: Hover over the picture and reupload the image if necessary. Make sure its dimensions are no more than 512px.

Don't forget to click Save when the editing is done.

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