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Product Modification Items explained
Product Modification Items explained

Learn what product modification items are, how to create, edit and sell them.

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In addition to the common store products, you may as well sell in-store/restaurant prepared meals. Let's say you'd like to sell pizza and want to offer several ingredients your customers can later choose from. In this case, you're going to work with product modification items, meaning you will create, edit, set prices for product additives. Product modification items are not sold separately, they function as add-ons for the main products and meals you sell.

1. In order to view your product modification items, navigate to the Catalog on the left sidebar.

2. Expand the Product Modification Items menu and select the store where you have or would like to add such items.

3. Here you can do the following:

Most importantly, learn how to add modification items to specific products and enjoy a seamless seller experience on Local Express.

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