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Add new team members and assign roles.

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Adding team members to your online store facilitates working processes and encourages teamwork. On Local Express you can add and manage staff. Here's a simple guide to add a new teammate.

1. Navigate to Operation on the left sidebar.

2. Expand the Staff menu and pick the store where you want to add the new member.

3. Click the + Add New button.

4. Activate the New User button and fill out the basic information of your worker.

5. Specify if the new teammate is an Assistant, Department Manager, and/or Driver you can activate all the roles as well. When adding a department manager, select the department(s) this person works with.

  • Full Access: The person who gets the full access is able to see and change everything in the store.

  • Assistant: Sees the Orders section on their dashboard, can cancel an order, or start collecting it.

  • Driver: Delivers the orders from the store to the customer's house.

  • Department Manager: Sees the Catalog on their dashboard, can manage the products of the departments they are assigned to.

6. Select the store where you want to add the new member, and click Save.

That's it! To learn more about editing staff members click here.

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