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Enable virtual store

With Local Express you can create and manage a virtual store, where you supply goods via regular or rush delivery.

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To sell online you won't necessarily have a physical store. Instead, you can create it virtually and deliver goods to selected areas from your storehouse. Here's how to set your virtual store and its delivery options.

​1. Navigate to Operation on the left sidebar.

2. Expand the Delivery menu and pick the store for which you want to configure delivery.

3. Set the Delivery Time selecting the days and hours when you're willing to collect orders for delivery.

4. Scroll down and Enable virtual Store button. Once done, insert a fixed price for Rush Delivery Price and Regular Delivery Price.

5. Set a price per bag and specify the number of free bags you're willing to provide.

6. Set Bag UPC. Note that it should contain 12 digits.

7. Define the delivery area by selecting the Zip Codes of the places you want to provide the delivery for. Skip this step. Click Save once you're done.


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