Set open hours

Configure your store's working hours, add rules and regulations for specific days.

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Once your store is created it's time to set the working hours so that your customers know when to shop. In order to set the working hours to follow these steps:

1.  Navigate to Operation on the left sidebar.

2. Expand the Delivery menu and pick the store for which you want to configure open hours. 

3. Select the days when your store is open and add working hours for these days.

4. For the days that work with a different schedule, use the Add Rule button and similarly choose days and open hours.

Note: To delete a rule click X. You must have at least one rule of active open hours. 

5. Scroll down and set the Delivery Time, meaning the period when you're willing to receive and collect orders. Delivery time may differ from Open Hours since you may want to give some time to your workers when they open/close the store.

It's the delivery time that you're customers see on the store's front end. Here's how it looks:

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