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Add Product Images with our partner app
Add Product Images with our partner app

Add main images to products using LE Partners mobile application

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When adding/ editing products into your catalog you may need to upload pictures for these products. You can filter products with no images, instantly take and upload pictures using your mobile device. 

1. Download our app LE Partners from App Store or Google Play. Login using your back-end credentials.

2. You'll see the Orders tab by default. Navigate to Catalog to view your products. 

3. Open Filters on the right upper corner.

4. Find the Image filter and click it.

5. Choose No to see the products which do not have images.

6. Now you'll see a list of your products that do not have images. Select a product and click Change Main Photo. Now select whether you want to take a picture or upload one from Library. In case you take a picture on the spot, choose Photo Editor, so that you're able to edit the image once it's taken.

7. You'll see the updated picture right away. Proceed to product information, add additional images if necessary, and click Save when you're done.

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