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Manage your products by creating and adding new categories.

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Each store you create on Local Express has its Departments and Categories where products are classified. In order to add a new category  follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to Catalog on the left sidebar.

2. Expand the Categories and choose the store where you'd like to add a new category. 

3. Click Add New Category button.

4. Insert the category information:

  • Category Title: Name your category  (e.g. Sparkling wine, Brandy, etc.)

  • Category Mark Up. %: Raise the prices of the category by %. Learn more about how to mark up category prices here.

  • Sort Order: Set orders to the categories, the categories that have higher numbers will be displayed first on your category list. Learn more about how to change the sort order of categories here.

  • Collection Order: Arrange your categories, so that no matter what products your customers order, your workers see them at a specific sequence upon assembling. Learn more about how to change the collection order of categories here.

  • Age Verification: Enable age verification for a specific category (e.g. Alcohol, Tobacco) so that customers under 18 cannot order the products. This will be verified on the checkout page and upon delivery.

  • No Sync(Exclude from POS Sync): Turn the switcher on when you want to exclude the category from POS.

  • Stores: Check the store where you want to add this category.

  • Apply to Department: Each category is created within a department. Select a matching department from the drop-down menu.

5. In case you used category mark-up, you can set Add rule to it. Learn more about how to set rounding rules for categories here.

6. Make sure to click Save Category.

That's it! Learn more about how to change the sort order of categories here.

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