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See how your store Categories work on Local Express and set them up properly.

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Each store you create on Local Express has its Departments and Categories where products are classified. In order to view the Category information follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to Catalog on the left sidebar.

2. Expand the Categories and choose the store to see its categories. 

3. View the categories' information here.

  • Title: The name of your category (e.g. Yogurt, etc.)

  • Store: This category belongs to the store mentioned here.

  • Department: This category belongs to the department mentioned here.

  • Products: The number of products available in this category.

  • Mark Up %: This means that you increase the prices of all products in that department by a %.

  • Age Verification: Enable age verification for a specific category (e.g. Alcohol, Tobacco) so that customers under 18 cannot order the products. This will be verified on the checkout page and upon delivery.

  • No Sync: Turn the switcher on when you want to exclude the department from POS.

  • Edit: Click Edit to change the details of this category.

Learn more about how to create and delete categories.

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