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Edit product's main info
Edit product's main info

Update product information, its name, department and category, learn how to add additional categories and tags.

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Product management is pretty easy on Local Express! Here you can change the product description, price, apply sales and taxes, and many more. To edit product information follows these steps:

1. Navigate to Catalog on the left sidebar.

2. Using catalog search, find the product you'd like to edit and click its name.

3. A new window with the main information will open:

  • Name: Give a title to the product your clients are expected to search for.

  • Department: Place the product into a matching department. Learn how to add departments here.

  • Category: Once the department is chosen define the product's category. Learn how to add categories here.

  • Additional Category: Specify if there is an additional category for this product.

  • Tag: Add tags that will provide additional information on your product. Such tags as Best Seller, Featured, Seasonal will enhance the client search.

4. Specify if the product is currently In stock and disable the button in case it's not.

5. Scroll down and Save the product when all changes are made.

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