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Add products manually
Add products manually

Add products which are not yet available in our database.

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On Local Express you can add products either manually or from our catalog, you can as well upload a CSV file of your products or integrate with your POS. Here's how to add products on your own.

1. Navigate to Catalog on the left sidebar.

2. Expand the Products menu and choose the store where you'd like to add the new product. 

3. Click + Add Manually.

4.  Fill out the Main information about the product:

Name: Give a title to the product your clients are expected to search for.

Department: Place the product into a matching department. Learn how to add departments here.

Category: Once the department is chosen define the product's category. Learn how to add categories here.

Additional Category: Specify if there is an additional category for this product.

Tag: Add tags that will provide additional information on your product. Such tags as Best Seller, Featured, Seasonal will enhance the client search.

5. Specify if the product is currently In stock and disable the button in case it's not.

6. Set the product Volume. Learn how to set the product volume here.

  • Value: a number that defines the amount of your product.

  • Unit: the unit of volume for your product, such as lb, oz, kg, etc.

  • Quantity in Pack: a number that shows how many pieces of this product you sell per pack.

7. Set the product Price.

  • Price: the amount of money expected. Learn how to change product prices here.

  • Unit: the unit of volume for your product, such as lb, oz, kg, etc.

  • Tax: apply a tax to the product. Learn how to create Taxes here.

  • Sale: apply a sale to the product. Learn how to create sales here.

8. Set the product Quantity Settings. Learn how to set the product quantity here.

  • Initial quantity: is the number your customers see at first.

  • Quantity step: is the number they can add or reduce the product by.

  • Quantity minimum: is the lowest number of products you buyers can order.

  • Quantity maximum: is the highest number of products you're willing to sell per order.

9. Turn On the Foodstamp whether this product is eligible for EBT payment.

10. Add Images to your product. Learn how to set product images here.

  • Main Image: Add or change the main picture. Note that you can add up to 3 additional images.

  • Nutrition Facts Image: is an additional image that provides detailed information about the food's nutrient content, such as the amount of fat or sugar it contains in the product.

11. Proceed and set the following:

  • Information: provide a short product description, its ingredients, manufacturer, and brand if needed.

  • Shipping: turn the shipping switcher on if the product can be shipped.

  • POS synch: activate the POS synch by inserting POS ID or exclude the product from the system.

  • Availability: set availability schedule so that product goes in and out of stock automatically. Learn how to set the product availability here.

  • SEO: insert a title and description for this product.

12. Add or Remove the product from your stores, and mark them In Stock or out of stock.

13. Turn on The Customizable options, and Add a new group to add product modifications so that your clients select preferences and order custom products.

Make sure to Save the changes when you're done! The product will be added to your store's catalog in seconds. 

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