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Link your PayPal Business account to Local Express and receive payments via PayPal.

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Linking your Paypal account to Local Express enables your customers to make purchases and you to receive payments via PayPal. This simple guide will help you connect your PayPal account to Local Express. 

Note: There are 2 types of PayPal accounts: Personal and Business. Make sure to use your Business account. Create one, if you don't have it yet.

To set up PayPal on Local Express follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the Apps from the left sidebar.

2. See all payment-related apps here

3. Click the Install now button to add PayPal to your apps. If the app is already installed proceed to Settings.

4. Log into Dashboard here and proceed to My Apps & Credentials. Click Live

5. Scroll down to view the information. For Local Express you will need your PayPal account email, Client ID, and Client Secret.

  • Copy and paste your PayPal account to our email field. 

  • Copy and paste the client ID. 

  • Click Show Secret on Paypal and copy it into the clientSecret field. 

That's it! Make sure to click Save when you're done.

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