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Link your Mandrill account to Local Express and send out transactional emails from your domain.

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Mandrill is used for transactional emails such as Login verification, Order confirmation, etc. These kinds of notifications are sent automatically and straight to customer’s inboxes, so they cannot opt-out from these.

In order to install Mandrill on your partner account, follow these steps:

To install Mandrill on Local Express, we’ll need to

  • Login to the partner account,

  • Go to Apps,

  • Open Mandrill Settings (Install first if needed),

  • Get API Key (from partner’s Mandrill account), sender’s email (partner’s reply-to email), name (either company or store name).

In order to generate the API Key on Mandrill and fill out the first field on the screenshot above, follow these steps:

1. Log in to your Mailchimp account. You may need to verify your profiles, so make sure to check your email.

2. Now you should navigate to Automations and select the Transactional email.

4. Check the Settings:

  1. The minimum number of emails that you can send will likely be 25000. Make sure it's not less.

  2. The second checkpoint should be marked. This means that in case you exceed the 25000 emails, another pack of 5000 emails will be purchased so that all campaigns are sent successfully.

5. Click the Launch App button.

6. A popup will appear to redirect you, click Continue to Mandrill button.

7. Now that's your Mandrill account. Navigate to Settings on the left sidebar.

8. Below you’ll see the API Keys. Generate a new one, if needed, make sure that it’s turned on.

  • Copy it.

  • Paste it in the corresponding field on your partner account.

Now that Mandrill is connected to Local Express, you’ll need to Set up the sending domain. Here’s what you do:

9. Go to the Domains tab, insert the store’s main domain in the field, and click +Add.

Note: Make sure to insert a domain and not a subdomain, e.g. domain (, subdomain (

10. After adding the main domain activate DKIM and SPF Settings. Click View DKIM settings.

11. Create a TXT record for the mentioned host with the value generated in the box.

12. Click View SPF settings.

13. Click View Details to verify the domain.

14. Send a test email to your store account.

15. When everything is done, click Test DNS Settings.

Once all three values are inserted, click Save and your Mandrill will be successfully synched!

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