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Authorize is considered as online payment solution for grocery stores, so when your customer makes a purchase, and a credit card is used, the funds are transferred directly to Authorize., so that Local Express does not hold money.

1. Navigate to the Apps from the left sidebar.

2. Find among other apps and click the Install now button to add to your apps. If it's installed already click Settings.

3. Proceed to Settings. Pick the store from the dropdown menu if you wish to connect your Authorize account to a specific store. In case you wish to connect it to all stores, check the Common Settings box.

Now you need to find the API Key, Transaction Key and the Client Key from your Authorize merchant account. In order to get the API key and the Transaction key follow these steps:

Note: The instructions here will help you find the necessary info on

4. Go to Authorize.Net and Sign In to your Merchants account, else create an account by clicking Sign Up.

5. Click the ACCOUNT tab.

6. Click Manage Public Client Key.

7. Here you will see your Client Key.

  • Copy the Client Key

  • Paste it here.

8. To find the API key, go back to and click on API Credentials & Keys.

9. Here is your API Login ID.

  • Copy it.

  • Paste it here.

10. Now let's find the Transaction Key, once again scroll down to and click on New Transaction Key, and Submit it.

11. A popup window will open asking you to Verify Your Identity. Check your email address if it's correct or not, and click on Request Pin.

12. The pin will be in your inbox, copy it and insert it here, and click VERIFY PIN.

13. Click Continue.

14. Here you'll see the Transaction Key.

  • Copy it.

  • Paste it here.

Make sure to Save once you're done! Now your account will be synched. Congrats!

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