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Connect your Mailchimp to Local Express and launch successful email campaigns.

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Mailchimp is used for promotional emails, it allows you to send emails, manage subscribers, set up autoresponders, create email templates, etc.

To install Mailchimp on Local Express, you’ll need to:

1. Navigate to Apps from the left sidebar.

2. Find Mailchimp among other apps and click Install now. If the app is installed already, click Settings.

3. Uncheck the Common Settings and select the store for which you are going to configure Mailchimp. In case you have the Common Settings checked, your settings will be applied to all stores that you manage via Local Express.

For this integration, we’ll need to get

  1. List ID which stands for Audience ID on Mailchimp

  2. The Script Tag

  3. In order to generate these follow the steps below:

4. Log in to Mailchimp account. You may need to verify your profile, so make sure to check your email. Enter your Username and Password then Log In.

5. Now you will get the API Key. For this, open the Extras menu in the Account tab and choose API keys.

6. Copy the API Key (Create a key if needed) and put it on Local Express account.

  • Here it is.

  • Paste it here.

7. Now, let's go on with the list ID (Audience ID). Navigate to Audience and select the Audience dashboard.

8. Click Manage Audience and go to Settings.

9. Open Audience name and defaults.

10. Copy the Audience ID.

11. Paste it in the selected fields on the Local Express account.

12. Now let's go to get the Script Tag. Go to Account and then to Integrations.

13. Select the option of Custom Website.

14. Insert the store URL (e.g. and click Get Code! You’ll generate a Script tag for each store you manage, that’s why you need to uncheck Common Setting at first.

15. A popup with code will appear. You’ll need to Copy the code and Paste it here:

There you are! Make sure to Save the changes once you’re done and Mailchimp will be successfully synched.

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