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Enable delivery and/or Rush delivery
Enable delivery and/or Rush delivery

Set delivery options and its area, enable rush and regular delivery, set bag prices and enjoy your virtual store.

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Once your store is created it's time to set up delivery so that your customers can order products right to their door. In order to set the delivery follow these steps:

1. Navigate to Operation on the left sidebar.

2. Expand the Delivery menu and pick the store for which you want to configure delivery.

3. Set the Delivery Time selecting the days and hours when you're willing to collect orders for delivery.

4. Choose Store Delivery Time Window.

5. Open the Timezone dropdown and choose your store's timezone. Write Rush Delivery Max Distance and Regular Delivery Max Distance (in miles).

6. Select the Age Verification Date Format by opening the dropdown and write the Minimum Verification Age.

7. If you don't have a physical store, Enable virtual Store to provide delivery.

8. Set a price per bag and specify the number of free bags you're willing to provide.

9. Set Bag UPC. Note that it should contain 12 digits.

10. Scroll down to Delivery Settings and Enable Delivery and/or Rush Delivery.

11. Write your store name in the Order Dispatcher, then Insert the Minimal Order Total Price. When customers shop at your online store they won't be able to place the order unless its total price equals or exceeds the number you put here.

12. Lastly, let your customer know how long it takes you to collect the order and click Save when you're done!

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